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Thread: Welcome to The Aquaskipper Forum
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06/11/07 12:00 AM
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Welcome to The Aquaskipper Forum
06/11/07 1:18 PM

If you are new to the forum start a thread and introduce yourself, don't be shy - everyone was new once!

If you haven't already, it's worth having a look at the Training Zone which will answer most of the questions you might have about using the Aquaskipper. If after reading the Training Zone you still have questions, then the best place to ask is in the "Getting Started" forum.

Just a couple of pointers that you might not be aware of:

-Text speak is not allowed on the Aquaskipper Forum. Please type words out in full

-If you use foreign languages in your post, please provide an English translation

A great way to meet other people with Aquaskippers is to try to arrange meeting via the forum on the Meetings/events section. Once you you have got dialogue going with someone let us know about it then we could publish it as part of the newsletter or we will put it on our events page.

The forum is available for anyone in any country please use it to facilitate all your Aquaskipping needs.


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