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Thread: Whiteair Extreme sports Festival
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06/11/07 12:00 AM
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Whiteair Extreme sports Festival
06/11/07 1:43 PM

Come and visit us during this fantastic event

Aquaskipper Challenge

A challenge has been made by Aquaskipper UK for all comers to enter our speed trials and record distance attempts, the winners will receive recognition and a listing on the UK official website as 2007 record holders they will also be awarded a prize. Details of dates times of events and prizes will be released soon.

Aquaskipper lessons and "Have a go" sessions.

In addition people are already signing up for the "Have a Go" session that we will be holding everyday with our expert Dave Cornthwaite. Dave will also be holding inspirational talks and a slide shows following his recent skateboarding expedition and world record journey 4,500 miles across Australia this should not be missed by any potential world record holders.

For further information checkout the "Where we're at" section on the Home page.
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