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Thread: Great Lakes Skippers
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06/19/07 01:18 PM
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Tom from TC

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Great Lakes Skippers
06/19/07 1:18 PM

Greeting from Traverse City, Michigan USA... and thanks to Duncan for giving us a place to connect.
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RE: Great Lakes Skippers
06/19/07 5:19 PM

Welcome Tom
This has been a long time in coming but now things are firing on all cylinders here in the UK it was about time we have a forum so people can get together.

What are you up to in the US with it are you having any events yet?

Let me know what you are interested in as I am seeing the Boss man next month when he comes to the UK maybe we can pass on any ideas you have etc.

I look forward to inviting yourself or any others from the US to use this site, if there is enough interest I will start another subject "Skippers in the US" that you can run between yourselfs.

Hope to speak soon

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